I find it very interesting to read that the state of the American news media improved in 2010 according to The State of the Media Report.  I started college in the Fall of 2007 and the state of the American news media wasn’t looking bright.  It’s good to see things take a turn for the better.  However, it is still sad that newspapers are suffering continued revenue declines.  I believe that newspapers do have structural economic problems that are hard to find solutions to.  Most revenue from newspapers came from ads.  With the existence of sites like Craigslist not many people use newspapers to advertise anymore.  Therefore, newspapers and other media outlets need to find others ways to make profit because their old ways will no longer work.

I believe that the news industry is late to adapt to the new state of media and it is culturally more tied to content creation than engineering.  The news industry is more of a follower than a leader.  However, I believe that the news industry has the option to reverse its current role.  It will be hard for the news industry to do this, but by working with companies such as Apple, I believe the news industry could become incorporated with the leaders.

News is currently having to adapt to new technology.  A majority of people now get their news from online sources.  Not even a decade ago people were still watching local news, nightly news and reading newspapers to stay informed about current and local events.  Nowadays I can get all the news I need from my phone.  The news industry is now in a transforming position.  The industry must be able to change and adapt or cease to exist.  I could never see the news industry ceasing to exist, so it must change.  The question is though, how must the news industry change?  This is a tough question to answer.  Must the news industry charge for its online content?  Must it have ads and banners flashing on its sites?  The state of the media report says that some people are willing to pay for their news, but will this keep the profit up?  Will enough people pay for their news to keep the news industry on the uphill recovering?  How will news sites charge for their content?  Will anything be free?  In order to answer these questions the industry must be able to analyze its audience, and currently there is no clear way to measure the audience.  There is a lot of controversy om how to measure online traffic and even things that would be simple, like how to define a “unique visitor”.

For me, being a future journalism professional, this state of the media report is really riveting.  I am very excited to see that the news industry understands that it needs to change and is making progress.  It also lets me know that if I do work in the news industry that I am going to be writing content that is web based instead of paper or video based.  This also means that i must know how to write content for websites, how to make sites, take pictures, make videos and upload everything to the web.  This media report also shows that media is changing.  With all these new technologies being released there are different ways to create and distribute the news.  From iPads to Androids there are different ways to format and view everything.  The media has to cater to these new devices which is different for the industry from the past.

The state of the media report means that citizens will also be changing the way that they ingest media.  People may have to start paying news outlets for its Internet content.  In order for the media industry to make a profit they must get money from somewhere.  I, personally, like that most news on the Internet is free.  However, if the Guardian, my favorite news outlet, were to start charging a subscription I would probably pay it if the fees were low.  I believe that citizens are entitled to the news.  I don’t think that it should be a privilege so I have a really hard time even contemplating how a news outlet could charge for access to its site.  But at the same time I understand that in order to produce quality work that the company must be making money in order to pay its employees and fund the company.  I believe that media sources really need to be able to analyze its audience.  I also think that they should have advertising in order to create a revenue.  I know that people do not like ads on sites, but even Facebook has ads; and over half of the population of the United States has a Facebook account.

I believe that journalists need to be well acquainted with the Internet and the language of the Internet.  If I were to teach future journalists, I would definitely teach them how to program.  I do not know how to program, but I wish I did and may teach myself C++ and Java.  Journalists, in the future, are going to be required to create and design Internet based data and they will have to know the language of the Internet.

In order to be prepared to face this new media world the media industry must be able to make a standard collection pool of data.  Definitions must be made for terms like “unique visitor” and the media audience must be analyzed.  There must also be restructuring of certain aspects of the media.  I believe that other skills that journalists and media experts will need it how to collect and examine information about their audience.  It will take time for the media industry to fully recover, but this is to be expected.  In the last decade there has been so much change and the media industry is just taking time to fully figure everything out.  With more time I believe that the media industry will fully recover and re-innovate itself.



Celiac’s Disease is is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten.  Gluten is  is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.  I’ve been on a search to find places to eat that have gluten free options in Omaha because a year ago I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease.

I started college in 2007 and started to become terribly ill.  I had no idea why.  There was no rhyme or reason to the constant pain and itchiness that I was feeling.  One moment I would feel fine and the next moment I would be curled up in a fetal position screaming for the pain to stop.  It was an odd pain.  It would come and go, and it usually became worse after meals.  After eating  I could feel my body react horribly to what I had just consumed and a few hours later I would break out into rashes all over my body, but unfortunately that was the least of my worries.

I knew that something was wrong so I went to the doctor.  The first three doctors I saw just told me that I was stressed out and that a mass amount of new stress can do this to the body.  I was skeptical, as I should have been.  I’ve been stressed out before and this was not being caused by stress.

A few years had passed and nothing had changed.  The pain was now constant.  My parents were slowly seeing a change in my appearance, my hair was falling out of my head and I started to refuse to eat anything.  It hurt too much.  It wasn’t worth it.  This is when my mom decided to take me to see a specialist at UNMC.  This specialist decided that he wanted to take my gallbladder out.  So after much deliberation I had a cholecystectomy.  I missed some school, some work and was pretty uncomfortable for about a month.  Still the pain lingered.  Everyone thought I was crazy.

I decided that I was going to go to one last doctor before I too would start to think that I had become a hypochondriac.  This doctor sat down with me and listened to everything that I said, he actually listened.  It was refreshing.  He smiled at me and went, “Wow.  You’ve never been tested for Sprue/Celiac Disease?”

Immediately this doctor had a nurse come in a draw a few samples of my blood.  The doctor explained to me that he believed that I was allergic to gluten.

I was in awe.  I’ve heard about people who can’t eat gluten, but me?  Was gluten the criminal at hand?  Was this causing the constant suffering and pain that I had been living with for years? Would I have continued to live like this if he were not have had an answer?

A week after I had had my blood drawn the doctor called me and gave me my resluts.  I was indeed allergic to gluten.  My prayers were answered.  Was this actually the cure I had been waiting for?  Yes! Yes it was.  My doctor setup an appointment with myself and a nutritionalist.  I learned the basics of what to eat and what to stay far away from.

Having a food allergy is challenge that you have to face everyday, but it is very easy to avoid having a reaction, or so you would think.  It’s been a year and I am still struggling with the idea of avoiding gluten.  Gluten is found in almost everything.  If it comes in a box at the grocery store, there’s a very strong chance that it contains gluten.

The hardest part about living g-free is all the temptations.  It’s so hard to say no when someone offers you a cookie.  Yes, I want that cookie right now!  But you have to say no and politely explain why you can’t have cookies unless they are made with rice flour.

My best advice for people who have just found out that they are allergic to gluten is to research, research, research!  There are a million books on being g-free, groups and people who having been living g-free that will answer your questions.

Q & A Time:

Q:  So what do you eat and where do you eat if you are allergic to gluten?
A:  I personally like to make all of my meals and snacks.  I don’t trust restaurants and labels.  If a crouton even touched the salad that I am eating I can become instantly sick.  Restaurants do not realize how severe some food allergies are.  Take into account people who are allergic to peanuts:  If they eat a peanut they can die.  People, especially in the food industry, need to realize how important it is to not contaminate and cross-contaminate the meals of people with food allergies.

Q:  Do you eat out at restaurants?
A:  Yes, but I don’t like to on a regular basis.  If I do eat at a restaurant I will be sure to check the menu before I go there to make sure that they have a g-free option.  When I order I like to let the server know that I have a gluten allergy and if there are any questions about the ingredients to make sure that the chef is informed and questioned.  However, you are always taking a huge risk by not knowing the procedures of preparation.

Q:  Where do you grocery shop?
A: I shop for groceries everywhere.  I personally prefer Hy-vee because they have a whole entire isle of gluten free food.  It’s amazing to see a grocery store cater to such specific needs and it is very much appreciated in the gluten free community.

Q: I have a meal plan at Creighton and I just found out that I am allergic to gluten.  Is there anything that I can eat?
A:  Yes, but the options are very limited.  I actually have a flex meal plan and use it on a daily basis.  I am just very careful about what I eat.  Today I had tofu and carrots.  Jack and Eds even offers gluten free TV dinners and Bumble Bars.

Q: What do you do about snacks?
A:  There are many bars that are gluten free.  I like to always have one in my backpack and purse.  You never know when you are going to get hungry and be surrounded my gluten with no g-free options.

Q:  What is your favorite place to eat in Omaha that has gluten free options?
A:  I love Blue Planet!  I cannot stress to you how amazing their food is and how many options they have!  They have the most amazing gluten free pizza! They also have spicy thai bowls, wraps and seared ahi tuna.  This place is amazng!


Q:  Zio’s has a gluten free pizza.  Is it good?
A:  Zio’s does offer a gluten free crust, but what they forget to tell you is that their kitchen is not g-free.  Hello cross-contamination!  I do not recommend enjoying the gluten free pizza at Zio’s.  I have given it a shot twice and regretted it both times.

Q:  Are there groups I can join to learn more about this?
A:  Yes!

Overall, it has been a journey to find out what I can and cannot eat.  If you are new to the gluten-free community and would like some of your personal questions answered then send me a message.  I will gladly answer.

Some things I really like to enjoy:

Bumble Bars

Blue Planet


Gluten Free Brownie Mix

This book answered a lot of my questions: The G Free Diet

I’m going to examine the Facebook Page for Sullivan’s Steakhouse: Omaha.  I decided to choose Sullivan’s Steakhouse because I work there.  Since I have worked there for almost four years, I am able to see how the page has progressed through the years.  Sullivan’s Steakhouse started using social media sites in 2009 to help bring in business and produce a greater profit.  In 2009 the company had no idea what they were doing with Facebook or Twitter.  I can clearly see that Sullivan’s has hired a social media expert and the pages have been significantly improved.


I believe that Sullivan’s is using the Facebook Page very well.  Whenever Sullivan’s switches the menu, it is posted in advance on Facebook.  This lets the guest know what is available for them to enjoy.  Guests can also checkout the prices, which is beneficial while preparing for a nice dinner out.  Sullivan’s also has pictures of all of their food items.  Seeing a menu is great, but having pictures is even better.  Then there is no question about what you are ordering.  Sullivan’s also has pictures of events that are held in and out of the restaurant.  Sullivan’s Steakhouse is known for pairing up with organizations and charities to raise money or help out with community activities.  Sullivan’s has paired up with Susan G. Komen, The Omaha Blood Bank and many other local and national organizations.  Recently Sullivan’s made steak sandwiches and key lime pie for anyone who donated blood to the Red Cross.  The servers at Sullivan’s were also sent to the Red Cross to donate blood if they could.  There are pictures of all of these events posted on the Sullivan’s Page.


There are no videos on the page, but I believe that there could be some very nice ones to come in the future.  I believe that Sullivan’s should video tape their live jazz band on Swingin’ at Sully’s night when people are dancing.  Images like this will make people want to come in and listen to live jazz music while enjoying an adult beverage and having a night out with good friends.

There are a lot of discussions on the page, but I believe that there could be more interaction among the clientele and the company.  I believe that Sullivan’s needs to started replying back to their guests’ comments.  This way there will be a flowing dialogue on the page.  This is where I believe the biggest improvement could come from, more dialogue because that is what social media is about.

People would spend time on this page to checkout what the restaurant is “all about”.  They can checkout the menu, atmosphere and dress code on this page.  They can also find reviews, hours and directions.  In general, people would spend time on this site to find out general information about the restaurant.

I believe that people wouldn’t spend time on this page because it does not change too often.  Sullivan’s could update the page a bit more often and keep it “fresh”.  I believe that they should update it at least once a day.  One thing that they could post on a daily basis could be the lunch and dinner features.  This way if guests were interested in the features they could check the Facebook page instead of having to call the restaurant everyday.

I believe the biggest challenge that the organization has with this Page is the management team’s general lack of time.  The managers are extremely busy and do not have any time to update this Page as ofetn as they would like too.  They could possibly have one of the servers update this Page more often.

Sullivan’s also uses Twitter.  The Twitter account and the Facebook Page hold almost the same content.  I believe that if Sullivan’s were looking to increase their guest count that a social media ploy of coupons on Twitter would be an amazing idea!  I really enjoy working in the service industry and follow other restaurants on Twitter and Facebook just to see how they use social media.  Recently Loft610 was bought by a new company.  In order to introduce their new menu they started giving out coupons on Twitter to individuals that RT their tweets.  I think this is a genius idea to get a restaurants to menu known to the location and people around it.

The Sullivan’s Steakhouse: Omaha Page has less than 200 likes.  I find this a very small number of likes for how many people eat at the restaurant on a daily basis.  If Sullivan’s were to put a little slip of paper in the check presenters or have more of a social dialogue on their Page, then I believe that their amount of “likes” would sky rocket.

Overall, Sullivan’s has really improved in the last two years with their social media exploration.  However, I do believe that they have a long way to go and could use social media in ways that they haven’t even thought of yet.  I believe that they could create a position for a social media manager.  This person could run all the Sulllivan’s social media accounts for all 20 of the restaurants.  This investment could create the potential for a huge influx of guests.  (Hire me!)  I believe that Sullivan’s could also start using Facebook ads.  This might be a really great idea for the restaurant!  I know that Sullivan’s currently does not advertise in Omaha.  I know that there has been talk of advertising, but nothing has been done yet.  A very easy way to advertise would be through Facebook.  It is affordable and people really do pay attention to what advertisements are popping up on the side of their Facebook account.  No matter what, Sullivan’s is using social media, they just need to improve the way that they use their social media services to the best of their ability.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse: Omaha Facebook Page
Sullivan’s Steakhouse Official Website


Summer is sneaking up on us and tickets for summer music festivals are selling out like djembes at a drum circle.  So don’t know what festival to attend?  Too many options?  Don’t even know who is playing?  Well check this out:

When: August 5-7, 2011
Where: Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois
What: The first Lollapalooza was in 1997 and has taken a few hiatuses since it’s original introduction.  This festival usually consists of 7 stages with music from several different genres.  There is anything from pop, electronica, indie to jam band music.  Some of the past headliners were: Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many more.
Who: The lineup for the 2011 season will be released in Spring.
Why to attend: It’s in the middle of town town Chicago.  It’s insane to see so many bands in such a bizarre setting.  The lights and noise bounce off of the skyscrapers and when the crowds are released as the concert ends, Chicago is temporarily shut down.  it’s a site.  Chicago is in the middle of the United States.  If you’re planning to meet up with friends, then it is centrally located.  You’re also probably going to know a majority of the artists that will be playing at Lollapalooza, so the music festival will be fun.  There are also seven stages with all different kinds of acts and the stages are located close to one another.
Why not to attend: You can’t camp-out.  This means you have to pay for an expensive hotel in downtown Chicago (Book hotels early, they will sell out in a matter of days from the release of the lineup).  The show ends at midnight.  The City of Chicago will pull chord if the music is not off (Thank you Bassnectar 2009 for demonstrating this to us).



When: June 9-12, 2011
Where: Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee
What: A four day music festival that started in 2002 that features a diverse array of musical style from jazz to indie rock and everything between.
Who: Past artists that have headlined are: Neil Young, Tool, Radiohead, Jay-Z, Tom Petty, The Flaming Lips, The White Stripes and My Morning Jacket.
Why to attend: There’s always some huge surprise or great act scheduled!  Conan hosted a comedy tent in 2010.  The Flaming Lips covered Dark Side of the Moon in 2010.  Kanye West through a diva fit in 2009.  You never know what will happen, but no doubt, it will happen.
Why not to attend: Sometimes security is not enforced.  Make wise choices about your personal safety.


When: April 15th-17th, 2011
Where: Indio, California
What: Coachella Biography
Who: Lineup
Why to attend: The art.  Live sculptures. The longest flying kites.  There is nothing comparable to the art and the sunset that you will see at this festival.
Why not to attend: Too hot.  We all know that music festivals are hot, but with temperatures sweltering far above 100 degrees, it is hard to beat the heat.


When: May 27th-30th
Where: Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington
What: A four day music festival in the most beautiful place you could imagine.
Who: Lineup
Why to attend: Most beautiful view you will ever see.
Why not to attend: It’s beautiful and the lineup is amazing.


What: Jam band heaven!
Why to attend: You can camp, you can grill, you can listen to music all day and night long
Why not to attend: We aren’t sure if Rothbury will happen in 2011, so if you’re holding out for tickets for this music festival, you might end up very sad.

Burning Man:
When: August 29th- September 5th
Where:  Black Rock City
What: This is an experience.  I can’t really describe it to you.  It is best described from the words and description of Molly Steenson.
Who: You and whoever comes to build “the community”
Why to attend: It’s a life experience that will change you, scare you, open up your eyes and show you things that you will never see again.
Why not to attend: If you’ve never been to a festival before then don’t go to this one.  It’s located in a desert.  There is no running water, food vendors or security.  If you are staying for all four days, then you need to have enough water, food and other goods to survive.  My best advice is to bring your friend who was a boy scout and over prepare.

So no matter what music festival you decide to go to, go to it because you want to!  You have to pick a festival that is something that you want to go to because you’re the one who is looking to see your favorite bands!  Choose a festival that is you!  Then you will have fun!  And always be safe because music festivals are fun, but they are also very dangerous.

In a world where you can access news everywhere, form many different sources, how do you decide what is fair and balanced?  Are you fair and balanced about your news sources? Do you strive to look for different political stances and evaluate your news sources under different  “lenses”?  A lot of news corporations and sources like to claim that they are the most and balanced.  However, if every news source is saying this, then there is obviously a problem.  Not every news source can be the most fair and the most balanced.  Are there even any news sources that are fair and balanced? In my personal opinion, no.  There are no news sources that are fair and balanced.  They all have some type of “lean” towards one political affiliation or the other.  It is often a challenge for those who are looking to find news that is fair and balanced.  In order to find news sources that are fair and balanced, you often have to read and evaluate multiple sources.  Here are a few easy steps to make sure that you are fair and balanced about your news:

1)  Acknowledge that every news source that you will read does have a political angle.  The angle will usually be liberal or conservative.  It is up to you to use your common sense to decide what view it is presenting.
2)  Start to visit different types of news sites while checking news on the Internet or television.
3)  Check CNN.com.  CNN is usually fair in coverage and reports different angles, however it does lean slightly left.
4)  Check FOX News.  Fox is a conservative viewpoint.
5)  Visit drudgereport.com or other “different” media sources.  Often sites like this will have stories or viewopoints that are controversial.  It’s always good to read viewpoints like this because they are something that is “outside” of the box.
6) Visit the economist.com.  This site supports free markets and globalization and leans towards social progress.   They will often have statistics that you can trust and are known to be fair in articles.  They support nominees that have ideas similar to their own.  With saying this you know that they will vote for a Republican or a Democrat and have done so in the past.
7)  Go to news sites that don’t have an American perspective.  Checkout The Guardian, RT, China Daily and other sites that have differing viewpoints from the United States.  Some of these viewpoints will be very interesting.  But in order to be fair and balanced you have to be able to read and understand other viewpoints.
8)  Check social media sites.  You can check Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or other social media news outlets for different articles and news sources.
9)  After reading many sources, you need to be able to create your own point of view.  After reading so many sources, you should be able to do this.

So in order to make sure that your news is fair and balanced, it is you that must be fair and balanced about your news sources.  Checkout multiple sources in order to form an opinion and point of view.

Does social media create life or kill it?  Does social media isolate people from reality, or does it connect them in ways that we could have never imagined less than a decade ago?  I am very torn on this subject.  I see both sides on a daily basis.  I honestly believe that it depends on the individual.

After reading an article from the Guardian I lean more towards the side that believes Social Networking is not destroying social skills or isolating anyone from reality.  People have always been able to isolate themselves from reality if they wanted to do so.  The birth of social media has made it easier for people to do this, but there are always other ways to become a hermit locked in some fantasy world that does not exist.  I have some friends that I haven’t seen since World of War Craft was released in America.  I guess some people could argue that W.O.W is a form of social media, but I do not believe that it is.  It is a game just like Dungeons and Dragons.  I believe that social media is used to connect people together for positive reasons.  Some of my best friends live in different countries and if it were not for Facebook or Twitter I would not be able to talk to them because I wouldn’t be able to afford the outrageous price of a phone call.  I love Skype, Twitter and Facebook for this reason.  They are programs that are free and can connect me to family, friends, news, videos and world events.

A lot of people do not know what social media is.  Wikipedia has a great definition for what social media is.

I think it is amazing that less than four years ago I didn’t even have a cellphone that was capable to texting.  I actually just got a phone that could text last year and since then I have upgraded to  a smart phone.  I don’t know how I lived before this phone.  I can check my Twitter, Facebook and anything else on the Internet in a heartbeat.  I know that my mom and dad have no idea why I decided to buy this phone, but I feel like there is a whole generation that has no idea what social media is and how to use it.  I believe that it is this group of people that thinks social media is disconnecting their children and other people from reality.  Social media is reality, they just need to get with the times.

I believe that you always need to adapt and change.  Things are always going to keep advancing and it is up to you to know how and why.  Less than a century ago there were no cars.  The people who didn’t want to trade in their horse and carriage for a car probably fell behind the times too.  Not only that, but it took them longer to get places and learn about what was going on everywhere.  I believe this is how social media is and will be.  People need to learn what social media is and what it has the possibility to do before they just say that they hate it.

I’ve recently been working with my parents and their company to try and expand their “social media adventure”.  My parents own a construction company and they believe that business cards are the only way to go.  Recently I have been showing them how to use Twitter and also how Twitter and other social media tools could expand their company.  They don’t believe a word I say because they still don’t know what social media is and have no interest in it.  They think that social media is evil, thanks to my brother who is constantly glued to some type of screen.  They are going to fall behind the times if the do not learn how to change and adapt to current technology.

So overall, I believe that social media is connecting people together.  I can Tweet to my friend in Columbia about the situation in Egypt while watching a video that Anderson Cooper uploaded onto his blog.  Social media is making the world smaller and more accessible.  It isn’t making people become socially inept.  You actually have to be social in order to use social media correctly.  I do believe that there is proper etiquette to use while participating in social media and that is what my next blog post will be about.  I believe that social media is a tool that has more benefits than adverse consequences.  I believe that people need to learn about social media to a greater depth in order to fully understand what it is and how it can positively change the world.

I believe that social media is creating life and connecting people like people have never been connected.  Think about this: back in the 90’s people would have their CD player in hand and earphones snug tightly into their ears while sitting on the bus. They wouldn’t talk to anyone and would stay quietly in their seat.  Today we have our smart phones in our hands and the whole world at our finger tips.  In both situations I would not be talking to anyone.  Social media is not changing everything.  In both situations I would be by myself and trying to avoid human communication because I don’t like talking to most strangers.  However, nowadays I can surf the Internet while riding the bus instead of just listening to one CD.  The world is changing. It’s all up to you if you want to move with it.  I say hop on that surfboard and hit those Internet waves!

The world is an interesting place.  It is full of people, places and ideas.  Everywhere we go, be it analog or digital, we are constantly encountering new experiences.  There are always new people, ideas, concepts and places that are materializing out of thin-air.  I’m graduating this May and I realize that I have no idea what I am going to do.  Do I immediately continue my educational conquest?  Should I move to New York City and get lost in the sky-scrapping jungle that so many others get lost in as well?  Or should I pack-up all of my belongings and buy a one-way ticket to Europe with no intention of ever coming back? Who knows?  I sure don’t.  I don’t know what I want to do.  I don’t know who I want to be.  I honestly have no idea, and I am perfectly fine with this notion.  I’m ready to have new experiences.  I don’t think anyone ever knows exactly what they want in life or who they are.  Sure, we all might have ideas.  I have a vague idea of what I want to do, just as I have a vague idea of what I’m going to do tomorrow.  However, things happen.  Tomorrow some mysterious volcano may erupt in the middle of downtown Omaha and that just might mess up my plans.  I don’t think people should ever have plans set in stone.  Things happen.  This leads me to the question: What is my sentence? In my social media class we watched a video by Daniel Pink.  It was a video about what your sentence would be.  It’s a tough question to answer, but aren’t all questions that pertain to oneself difficult to answer?  Well my sentence is long: I’m a blanket of impossible thoughts rolled up into plausible ideas, birthing supernovas and escaping black holes; my mind is constantly expanding at the same rate as the universe and I am an idea, a mere figment of your imagination and so are you.  I believe this is my sentence because it encapsulates everything that I believe I am.  I’m a huge fan of space, learning and using my imagination.  I guess my sentence is hard to explain, but that’s why it is my sentence.  I’m not easy to understand and I have no firm idea of what I am or who I want to be.  It’s the life experiences that make us who we are and who we want to be.  I’m just ready to make the best of all my life experiences.