In a world where you can access news everywhere, form many different sources, how do you decide what is fair and balanced?  Are you fair and balanced about your news sources? Do you strive to look for different political stances and evaluate your news sources under different  “lenses”?  A lot of news corporations and sources like to claim that they are the most and balanced.  However, if every news source is saying this, then there is obviously a problem.  Not every news source can be the most fair and the most balanced.  Are there even any news sources that are fair and balanced? In my personal opinion, no.  There are no news sources that are fair and balanced.  They all have some type of “lean” towards one political affiliation or the other.  It is often a challenge for those who are looking to find news that is fair and balanced.  In order to find news sources that are fair and balanced, you often have to read and evaluate multiple sources.  Here are a few easy steps to make sure that you are fair and balanced about your news:

1)  Acknowledge that every news source that you will read does have a political angle.  The angle will usually be liberal or conservative.  It is up to you to use your common sense to decide what view it is presenting.
2)  Start to visit different types of news sites while checking news on the Internet or television.
3)  Check  CNN is usually fair in coverage and reports different angles, however it does lean slightly left.
4)  Check FOX News.  Fox is a conservative viewpoint.
5)  Visit or other “different” media sources.  Often sites like this will have stories or viewopoints that are controversial.  It’s always good to read viewpoints like this because they are something that is “outside” of the box.
6) Visit the  This site supports free markets and globalization and leans towards social progress.   They will often have statistics that you can trust and are known to be fair in articles.  They support nominees that have ideas similar to their own.  With saying this you know that they will vote for a Republican or a Democrat and have done so in the past.
7)  Go to news sites that don’t have an American perspective.  Checkout The Guardian, RT, China Daily and other sites that have differing viewpoints from the United States.  Some of these viewpoints will be very interesting.  But in order to be fair and balanced you have to be able to read and understand other viewpoints.
8)  Check social media sites.  You can check Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or other social media news outlets for different articles and news sources.
9)  After reading many sources, you need to be able to create your own point of view.  After reading so many sources, you should be able to do this.

So in order to make sure that your news is fair and balanced, it is you that must be fair and balanced about your news sources.  Checkout multiple sources in order to form an opinion and point of view.