Summer is sneaking up on us and tickets for summer music festivals are selling out like djembes at a drum circle.  So don’t know what festival to attend?  Too many options?  Don’t even know who is playing?  Well check this out:

When: August 5-7, 2011
Where: Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois
What: The first Lollapalooza was in 1997 and has taken a few hiatuses since it’s original introduction.  This festival usually consists of 7 stages with music from several different genres.  There is anything from pop, electronica, indie to jam band music.  Some of the past headliners were: Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many more.
Who: The lineup for the 2011 season will be released in Spring.
Why to attend: It’s in the middle of town town Chicago.  It’s insane to see so many bands in such a bizarre setting.  The lights and noise bounce off of the skyscrapers and when the crowds are released as the concert ends, Chicago is temporarily shut down.  it’s a site.  Chicago is in the middle of the United States.  If you’re planning to meet up with friends, then it is centrally located.  You’re also probably going to know a majority of the artists that will be playing at Lollapalooza, so the music festival will be fun.  There are also seven stages with all different kinds of acts and the stages are located close to one another.
Why not to attend: You can’t camp-out.  This means you have to pay for an expensive hotel in downtown Chicago (Book hotels early, they will sell out in a matter of days from the release of the lineup).  The show ends at midnight.  The City of Chicago will pull chord if the music is not off (Thank you Bassnectar 2009 for demonstrating this to us).



When: June 9-12, 2011
Where: Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee
What: A four day music festival that started in 2002 that features a diverse array of musical style from jazz to indie rock and everything between.
Who: Past artists that have headlined are: Neil Young, Tool, Radiohead, Jay-Z, Tom Petty, The Flaming Lips, The White Stripes and My Morning Jacket.
Why to attend: There’s always some huge surprise or great act scheduled!  Conan hosted a comedy tent in 2010.  The Flaming Lips covered Dark Side of the Moon in 2010.  Kanye West through a diva fit in 2009.  You never know what will happen, but no doubt, it will happen.
Why not to attend: Sometimes security is not enforced.  Make wise choices about your personal safety.


When: April 15th-17th, 2011
Where: Indio, California
What: Coachella Biography
Who: Lineup
Why to attend: The art.  Live sculptures. The longest flying kites.  There is nothing comparable to the art and the sunset that you will see at this festival.
Why not to attend: Too hot.  We all know that music festivals are hot, but with temperatures sweltering far above 100 degrees, it is hard to beat the heat.


When: May 27th-30th
Where: Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington
What: A four day music festival in the most beautiful place you could imagine.
Who: Lineup
Why to attend: Most beautiful view you will ever see.
Why not to attend: It’s beautiful and the lineup is amazing.


What: Jam band heaven!
Why to attend: You can camp, you can grill, you can listen to music all day and night long
Why not to attend: We aren’t sure if Rothbury will happen in 2011, so if you’re holding out for tickets for this music festival, you might end up very sad.

Burning Man:
When: August 29th- September 5th
Where:  Black Rock City
What: This is an experience.  I can’t really describe it to you.  It is best described from the words and description of Molly Steenson.
Who: You and whoever comes to build “the community”
Why to attend: It’s a life experience that will change you, scare you, open up your eyes and show you things that you will never see again.
Why not to attend: If you’ve never been to a festival before then don’t go to this one.  It’s located in a desert.  There is no running water, food vendors or security.  If you are staying for all four days, then you need to have enough water, food and other goods to survive.  My best advice is to bring your friend who was a boy scout and over prepare.

So no matter what music festival you decide to go to, go to it because you want to!  You have to pick a festival that is something that you want to go to because you’re the one who is looking to see your favorite bands!  Choose a festival that is you!  Then you will have fun!  And always be safe because music festivals are fun, but they are also very dangerous.