The first blog that I am going to examine is PHOTOJOURNALISMLINKS. I really enjoy this blog because the blog host, Mikko, writes with a very friendly tone and creates a very personal atmosphere within his posts.  Mikko discusses photojournalism.  He does this by sharing stories of where he has been and what he is doing.  Mikko also links photos, interviews and stories from other blogs and news services.  I think it is really great that he includes so many different types of media.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to read stories about similar topics and compare them by news source.  The approach that Mikko takes to his writing is very personal.  In the first post that I read, he was wishing everyone a fantastic 2011.  Mikko also talks about he travels a lot and works in the photojournalism field. I think this blog was labeled as one to follow because it clearly has a lot of followers and a firm fan base.  It also has a beautiful pictures and many links to stories that are interesting.  One story that I read was about how individuals are willing to spend money for news.  It is very interesting to watch the progress of the news field.  In an age where people can get news from the Internet, how does the industry still make profit?  The article really caught my attention and pulled me in.  I really like the topics because I am always interested in news and love when a story has an image or interview linked with it.  I personally enjoy news videos.  I really like being able to listen and watch something at the same time.  Based on my learning style, I know that this is how I learn best.  I really appreciate this blog because it intertwines those two learning styles.  Mikko also includes articles about Facebook, population control and water issues in the Middle East.  I really like how there are multiple areas of interest.  He also includes a blog post that is dedicated to the year 2010.  It is nice to have an entire post dedicated to the year because sometimes people forget about events that had happened previously.
Burn Magazine is an online magazine blog that is dedicated to releasing new photojournalists’ work.  It was voted best photography magazine of the year for 2010 and can only be found online.  I can easily see how this was named best online magazine blog.  This blog is amazing!  As someone who enjoys journalism and history, this blog blew my mind!  Each blog post starts off with an image bank that you can click-through.  Located under each image bank is a historical article that relates to the images and explains the stories with reference to the past history of the cultures, religions or ideas.  The photography is amazing, the writing is professional and informative and there is even a bio about each writer.  I love this blog!  This is what a professional blog should look like.  The aesthetic is clean, clean and understandable.  The writing is flawless, moving and accompanied with images that are often heart wrenching.
Overall, both blogs are very nice and flow very well.  However, the Burn Magazine blog is far superior in aspects of design.  Both blogs incorporate writing and have excellent links.  I highly advise to checkout Burn magazine and to read the articles.  They are amazing.