I’m going to examine the Facebook Page for Sullivan’s Steakhouse: Omaha.  I decided to choose Sullivan’s Steakhouse because I work there.  Since I have worked there for almost four years, I am able to see how the page has progressed through the years.  Sullivan’s Steakhouse started using social media sites in 2009 to help bring in business and produce a greater profit.  In 2009 the company had no idea what they were doing with Facebook or Twitter.  I can clearly see that Sullivan’s has hired a social media expert and the pages have been significantly improved.


I believe that Sullivan’s is using the Facebook Page very well.  Whenever Sullivan’s switches the menu, it is posted in advance on Facebook.  This lets the guest know what is available for them to enjoy.  Guests can also checkout the prices, which is beneficial while preparing for a nice dinner out.  Sullivan’s also has pictures of all of their food items.  Seeing a menu is great, but having pictures is even better.  Then there is no question about what you are ordering.  Sullivan’s also has pictures of events that are held in and out of the restaurant.  Sullivan’s Steakhouse is known for pairing up with organizations and charities to raise money or help out with community activities.  Sullivan’s has paired up with Susan G. Komen, The Omaha Blood Bank and many other local and national organizations.  Recently Sullivan’s made steak sandwiches and key lime pie for anyone who donated blood to the Red Cross.  The servers at Sullivan’s were also sent to the Red Cross to donate blood if they could.  There are pictures of all of these events posted on the Sullivan’s Page.


There are no videos on the page, but I believe that there could be some very nice ones to come in the future.  I believe that Sullivan’s should video tape their live jazz band on Swingin’ at Sully’s night when people are dancing.  Images like this will make people want to come in and listen to live jazz music while enjoying an adult beverage and having a night out with good friends.

There are a lot of discussions on the page, but I believe that there could be more interaction among the clientele and the company.  I believe that Sullivan’s needs to started replying back to their guests’ comments.  This way there will be a flowing dialogue on the page.  This is where I believe the biggest improvement could come from, more dialogue because that is what social media is about.

People would spend time on this page to checkout what the restaurant is “all about”.  They can checkout the menu, atmosphere and dress code on this page.  They can also find reviews, hours and directions.  In general, people would spend time on this site to find out general information about the restaurant.

I believe that people wouldn’t spend time on this page because it does not change too often.  Sullivan’s could update the page a bit more often and keep it “fresh”.  I believe that they should update it at least once a day.  One thing that they could post on a daily basis could be the lunch and dinner features.  This way if guests were interested in the features they could check the Facebook page instead of having to call the restaurant everyday.

I believe the biggest challenge that the organization has with this Page is the management team’s general lack of time.  The managers are extremely busy and do not have any time to update this Page as ofetn as they would like too.  They could possibly have one of the servers update this Page more often.

Sullivan’s also uses Twitter.  The Twitter account and the Facebook Page hold almost the same content.  I believe that if Sullivan’s were looking to increase their guest count that a social media ploy of coupons on Twitter would be an amazing idea!  I really enjoy working in the service industry and follow other restaurants on Twitter and Facebook just to see how they use social media.  Recently Loft610 was bought by a new company.  In order to introduce their new menu they started giving out coupons on Twitter to individuals that RT their tweets.  I think this is a genius idea to get a restaurants to menu known to the location and people around it.

The Sullivan’s Steakhouse: Omaha Page has less than 200 likes.  I find this a very small number of likes for how many people eat at the restaurant on a daily basis.  If Sullivan’s were to put a little slip of paper in the check presenters or have more of a social dialogue on their Page, then I believe that their amount of “likes” would sky rocket.

Overall, Sullivan’s has really improved in the last two years with their social media exploration.  However, I do believe that they have a long way to go and could use social media in ways that they haven’t even thought of yet.  I believe that they could create a position for a social media manager.  This person could run all the Sulllivan’s social media accounts for all 20 of the restaurants.  This investment could create the potential for a huge influx of guests.  (Hire me!)  I believe that Sullivan’s could also start using Facebook ads.  This might be a really great idea for the restaurant!  I know that Sullivan’s currently does not advertise in Omaha.  I know that there has been talk of advertising, but nothing has been done yet.  A very easy way to advertise would be through Facebook.  It is affordable and people really do pay attention to what advertisements are popping up on the side of their Facebook account.  No matter what, Sullivan’s is using social media, they just need to improve the way that they use their social media services to the best of their ability.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse: Omaha Facebook Page
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